Integrated Systems & Devices Ltd.

The Integrated Approach.

Our solutions bring together the technologies of Now and Tomorrow

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End to End Security

From the gateway, to your private rooms.
We've got you covered.


Meet. Brainstorm. Architect.

Our people meet with your people. We do the research, and draw up the plans.

Needs and Requirement Identification

We meet with you to understand your needs and requirements

Ideas, Research and Solution Identification

Our in-house experts identify solutions that best meet your needs, with the support of our external partners.


We translate our solution into blueprints to aid installation and as lasting documentation for your records.


Identify. Supply.

We use only accredited foreign and local suppliers of globally compliant security equipment.

Large Vendor Lists

Our vast list of accredited vendors can supply everything you need to meet your security requirements.

Best in Class Equipment

We ensure that all procured equipment is up to standard before delivery.


Install. Integrate. Test. Commission.

Pre-Installation Assessment

Before installation and integration, our Engineers perform system analyses to establish compatibility and plan execution.

Installation and Integration

The system is installed and integrated in accordance with specifications.


The integrated system is then tested for dependence, compliance and functionality

Project Documentation

All our projects end with the submission of a complete set of project documents and drawings to our clients and for our records


Regular. On-Demand.

Routine Maintenance

We offer periodic preventive and corrective maintenance services for interested clients.

Requested Maintenance

Preventive and corrective maintenance services may also be requested on-demand.

After Sales Support

Every installation is backed by a 12-month warranty including after sales support.